TV Broadcasting Grant Application and Agreement
Would you be interested in adding your content to a On Demand Channel? Are you interested in a Video On Demand Channel? Video On Demand is a powerful tool which will increase your viewers as well as monetize your video content. A promotional flyer of your broadcast will be added to our On Demand Page on our website. Viewers can tune in to see past or missed episodes of your content on our website and on Roku. You can monetize your Video On Demand channel for sponsor and viewer donations and advertising with ads, banner placement and pay per view. Would you like to hear more information about it? *
Would you be interested in a no obligation presentation on other products and services we offer. If yes choose the one that you would like to hear more information about. Choose as many inquires as you desire. *
Are you on any other TV Networks or stations? *
You understand that the airtime granted to you cannot be subleased or sold to another party. *
Do you understand that this is a 6 month (26 weeks) Standard Global package. One weekly half hour 28.5 weekly airtime TV slot. The TV Show must be of christian faith, inspirational, or educational. It can be preaching, talk show, cooking, music, etc. but must be of christian faith, inspirational or educational. Your TV show will be renewed for another 6 months based on show quality and viewership. This grant opportunity does not include TV filming, editing production, however we do offer cameras and training at affordable prices. *
You understand that you are at liberty to have sponsors on your television show. *
This offer includes marketing and promoting your show during your contract term. If addition to before your show is aired we will advertise your upcoming show. Please agree to submit the following as soon as possible. (1) a one minute promotional social media video clip. Saying " Hi, my name is ___________________ and I am excited about my new television show on Preach The Word Network. Be sure to tune in and watch my television show and continue to support this wonderful television network. For TV distribution please visit us online at ( You can add on anything else you desire to the end of this script) (2) Professional photo of you for advertising purposes. *
I understand that all of my footage cannot contain music or images that are copyright protected unless I have written permission from the publisher of the content. I understand that if found in my programming I am responsible for all penalties of the law and fees accessed by PTWWN TV. *
I understand that I have up to 60 days to submit programming to traffic department. If programming is not submitted within 60 days of signing up, an extension can be granted for an additional 30 days for a $35.00 extension fee. After 90 days, you will need to complete a new application and reapply. *
Broadcaster agree that if there is a 4 week lapse of uploading new programming we have the right to terminate the agreement between both parties. Climate and pandemic disasters are the only exceptions. *
I understand that the $395.00 grant application fee is non refundable, however it can be transferable to another party. *
I authorize PTWWN Broadcasting/ Spotlighttv 365 to process my card payment(s) by phone or from this form. *
Method of Payment *
When you the applicant pays the application fee, you are approved for the grant program and there is no refund on the admin fee. It is up to you to provide us with the TV content for your broadcast as early as the time of payment or up to 90 days if you need time to film and edit your shows. If you need an extension please contact us and we will provide you an extension of time. *
Signature *
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