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I understand my broadcast/Video on demand membership is for 26 weeks.

On-Demand Plus TV allows viewers never to miss your TV Broadcast! The On Demand player will house all your videos and live stream your 24/7 channel. Video on demand will increase views and revenue with the Live Streaming Channel features. The On-Demand and Live TV Channels have many features to help monetize your content. Features include
1. pre and mid-roll ads to run at the beginning or middle of your content.
2. Social Media Sharing
3. Embed player on your website
4. Donation link embedded on the player so viewers can donate while watching the show *
I understand Video on Demand is a monthly subscription charge of $149.00 or a one-time payment of 804.60 .83 for 26 weeks. I understand there is an early cancellation fee of $85.00. *
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I authorize PTWWN Broadcasting to process recurring card payment(s) by phone or from this form for PTWWN Broadcasting services/ membership fees. I understand All fees are non-refundable. *