TV Broadcasting Application and Agreement
You understand that you are approved for 26 weeks of weekly 28 minutes and 30 seconds of airtime for a one time non refundable admin fee of $395.00 per market . Minimum value is worth $7,774.00 per market and possible renewal opportunity to reapply for another 26 weeks. *
Do you understand and agree that this is a six month (26 weeks) Standard Global package? One weekly half-hour 28.5 weekly airtime TV slot. You can submit programming when ever you are ready. The agreement starts the date you submit this application. Content Requirement: We are a Christian network, and content must be of Christian faith. We accept only inspirational content such as talk shows, cooking, fitness, mini-series, clean entertainment, or any other type of positive programming. This platform is not intended for political party, ministry, organization or name calling bashing rather personal, organizational, business or political. This grant opportunity does not include TV filming and editing production; however, we can offer these services to you at reasonable rates. Please feel free to contact us. *
Select your preferred market(s). *
We highly recommend you adding On Demand TV. Viewers will never miss your episodes. They can watch them 24/7 on Roku, Fire, Apple and on our Website. Your broadcast will also be highlighted on our On Demand page on our website with a promotional flyer on the On Demand Page. In addition, we are pleased to announce that you will receive $10.00 each time someone down load your video from our website for only $19.95. This is a great way to bring revenue in for your TV broadcast as well as give your viewers the opportunity to add your On Demand content to their personal video library. On Demand is only $99.00 a month for your very own On Demand Channel for unlimited videos and many other great features such as social media friendly and sharing. *
Would you be interested in a no obligation presentation on other products and services? *
Are you on any other TV Networks or stations? *
I would like a 30-second professional advertisement to promote my show throughout the day on PTWWN TV for the entire 26 week period. I would like to receive additional information. *
Would you like us to produce you a professional intro/outro of your TV Show? The cost is $375.00 for the intro and the outro. *
You agree that the airtime granted to you cannot be subleased or sold to another party. *
Sponsorships - You understand and agree and understand that our platform will allow you to include your sponsor commercial breaks in the contents of your edited show. You also understand that we reserve the rights to include our sponsor family friendly commercial ads in the beginning, middle or end of your show. *
I understand that all of my footage cannot contain music or images that are copyright protected unless I have written permission from the content publisher. If found, I am responsible for all penalties of the law and fees accessed by PTWWN TV and/or the cancellation of my TV show due to copyright infringement. *
Do you understand that we are not responsible for acts of GOD or system errors that would prohibit programming to air at the designated time? Acts of GOD will include but are not limited to an unusual outage in electricity, internet, satellite, cable, fiber, storms, fire, earthquake, floods, sudden illness, or other acts of GOD. There could also be an urgent need for emergency broadcasting. We agree to broadcast your programming at a different time slot in these circumstances. *
Broadcaster agrees that if you do not send in new programming weekly, we have the right to run re-run your past episodes. If you do not have enough past episodes, we have the right to broadcast replacement shows. *
Method of Payment *
I authorize PTWWN Broadcasting/ Spotlighttv 365 to process my card payment(s) by phone or from this form. All fees are non refundable. *
Signature *
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