Shekinah Women of Beauty Show ( Swob Girls)
TV Release RELEASE FORM - You grant PTWWN Broadcasting and its affiliate channels permission to film you as a guest on one of our flagship TV shows. You also grant us permission to use your likeness, images and video clips for promotional and publicity purposes on our television network, affiliate channels, social media, websites, etc. You understand that there is no compensation as a guest on the television show. You also agree that there is no travel allowance unless it is in writing signed by the executive producer. We hold the rights and licensing of this television show and have the right to rebroadcast the show more than once. *
Guest Appearance Preference *
The Shekinah Women of Beauty Show is filmed at the PTWWN TV Studio every 3rd Saturday afternoon. Arrival time 12:00. Taping time at 1:00 PM. Select what month you would like to come. Please select an alternate month in case, we are booked for the 1st month you have selected. *
Do you understand that you will be approved to be a guest on this show, based on the information provided and confirmed. If you are not approved, we will contact you with information as to why you were not approved. You also agree that the information you provide us on this form is accurate and of truth. *
Would you be interested in a presentation on how you can have your own TV Show on our network? *
Do you understand this broadcast is supported by our TV advertisers and they make it possible for us to continue broadcasting our featured TV Shows on PTWWN TV. We ask guests to participate in our ad campaigns by listening to a brief presentation about the products or services of our advertisers. You are under no obligation to make any purchase unless you choose to at your free will. Do you agree to participate in the no-obligation ad campaigns that will take around 15 minutes of your time. Do you understand and agree? *
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