PTWWN TV Broadcasting Application and Agreement
Would you like to participate in the Ad Campaigns that we can provide you to help monetize your content and possibly provide financial revenue each month? All ads are family friendly. We will discuss with you the different types of ads that are available to you. *
I would like my TV Show to air on the following channel(s) ($349.00 membership fee per channel) I can choose 1 channel or as many as I desire for my broadcast to air on. *
Membership Fee 

I agree to pay a one-time application membership fee in the amount of $349.00 per channel for 26 weeks.
This 26-week (2 Seasons) contract agreement starts on the date you submit this application. If you need a start date extension, you must contact us in writing, and we will honor up to a 60-day extension. Do you also understand that your content must be inspirational and Christian content? Do you understand that your content must not include profanity or name-bashing of other people, ministries, businesses, or organizations? *
Qualification Certification: *
I understand that in addition to the $349.00 membership fee, I also understand that there is a monthly rate of $149.00 for a 26-week period. If I choose multiple channels, there is a 40% discount starting on the 2nd channel. The discount will reduce my monthly rate to $89.40 starting on the 2nd channel. *
Do you agree that the TV airtime slot can be transferred to another as a gift, but it cannot be subleased or sold to a third party? *
Sponsorships - Do you understand and agree that our platform will allow you to include your sponsor's commercial breaks in the contents of your edited show. You also understand that we reserve the right to include PTWWN sponsor's family-friendly commercial ads within your TV show. *
Earnings Disclaimer: We provide the tools and training you need to be successful, however, you understand and agree that PTWWN Broadcasting and its affiliates do not guarantee that you will receive a specific amount of income from donations, sponsors, and advertisers. Earning potential is entirely dependent upon each individual based on their own efforts. *
I understand that all of my footage cannot contain music or images that are copyright protected unless I have written permission from the content publisher. If found, I am responsible for all penalties of the law and fees accessed by PTWWN TV and will be subject to cancellation of my TV show due to copyright infringement. *
Do you understand that we are not responsible for acts of GOD or system schedule errors that would prohibit programming from airing at the designated time? Acts of GOD include but are not limited to an unusual outage in electricity, internet, satellite, cable, fiber, storms, fire, earthquake, floods, sudden illness, or other acts of GOD. There could also be an urgent need for emergency broadcasting. We agree to broadcast your programming at a different time slot in these circumstances. *
Do you understand and agree if you do not send in programming weekly, we have the right to air past episodes? If you do not have enough past episodes, we have the right to broadcast replacement shows. *
Sign up for optional ADD on services. I understand fees are due at the time of completing this application. *
I am interested in adding the following partner Comcast/Spectrum local cable stations. I understand I am responsible for the weekly rate and will be required to set up monthly recurring billing for selected channels. *
Method of Payment *
Would you like to sign up as a PTWWN TV advocate and earn extra money referring new broadcasters to us? *
I authorize PTWWN Broadcasting to process my card payment(s) by phone or from this form for PTWWN Broadcasting products and services. I understand All fees are non-refundable, however we can credit with other products and services of PTWWN TV. *
I agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and accept it as a binding contract with my signature.. Signature *
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