Pay It Forward Scholarships

2022 Tax Credit Request

Requests received January-December 31, 2021, will be submitted to the Georgia Department of Revenue on January 3, 2022. Please select the amount below that you would like to request for the 2022 Georgia Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit. *

Donor Information

The Georgia Department of Revenue requires your name to be spelled EXACTLY the same as your most recently filed Georgia tax return. Please double check so your request is not denied. If you recently relocated to Georgia and have not yet filed a state of Georgia tax return contact our office for additional instructions on how to apply for and receive this tax credit. Thank you!
(If single, please enter zeros below.)

Gift Matching

Your Employer might match your gift!
Look in the below list of known gift matching companies to see if your employer is on the list. To receive a gift match, contact your HR department after you have made the donation. We will apply the gift match to your school's scholarship fund. Matching gifts are a great way to double, or sometimes even triple the impact of your gift! If your employer provides a matching gift program but is not listed below, please email us the name of the company at Thank you.


Would you like us to inform the school about your donation, so they can thank you? *
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