Please complete the information below to apply for the 2022 Pay it Forward Scholarship. Each child must have his/her own application. Only complete one application per child. If information changes, or you realize an error in the information submitted, email us at Thank you.

Student Information

Your student's current enrollment status: *
Scholarship Eligibility - (based on when your student will receive the scholarship.) *

Parent Information

Parent names MUST be spelled exactly the same as your most recently filed tax return. The Georgia Department of Revenue will not process the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit request below (if selected) unless your name is spelled and matches exactly as listed on your most recently filed tax return. Please double check so your request is not rejected. Thank you.
(If single, please enter zero's below.)

Household Information

Income Information
For 2021, the maximum scholarship amount is $11,359 or the maximum allowed based on your income, whichever is less. For households under $30,000 household income, the maximum scholarship is 100% of tuition and fees. $30,000 - $60,000 is 90%. $60,000 and above is 80%. 
In order to complete your scholarship application, we must verify your income. Please attach the first page of your most recently filed federal income tax document (the page that is needed is the one that shows your address, lists your dependents, total and taxable income amounts, etc.) using the "Browse" button below.

If needed, you may use the second link. 

Request the 2022 Georgia Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit

If you are ready to apply for the 2021 Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit you can submit your request at the same time as your scholarship application. Please complete the tax credit part of the application only once, even if you have multiple children and you complete multiple scholarship applications.
Signing up to donate doesn't obligate you to give, but it reserves the tax credit for you in January 2022. Once you are approved in January 2022, you will have 60 days to decide if you want to participate and at what amount, and then make your donation.
 The maximum tax credit amounts are: 
 Individuals $1,000 | Married filing Jointly $2,500 | Business Owners $10,000 per Owner 
Tax credit calculator for taxable income: 🛈
Tax credit calculator for Business Income: 🛈
2022 Tax Credit amount you would like to reserve:
Would you like us to tell the school about your tax credit donation, so they can thank you?
Your Employer might match your gift!
Look in the below list of known gift matching companies to see if your employer is on the list. To receive a gift match, contact your HR department after you have made the donation. We will apply the gift match to your school's scholarship fund. Matching gifts are a great way to double, or sometimes even triple the impact of your gift! If your employer provides a matching gift program but is not listed below, please email us the name of the company at Thank you.
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