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Thank you for attending the 2016 IASD Dream Conference at the Rolduc Conference Center in Kerkrade, Netherlands.  If you haven't yet ordered the recordings, you can use this form below.  The recordings of presentations (not workshops) will be available in late July and a link to the MP3 files will be emailed to you.


Include my contact information on lists distributed to other attendees. *

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An MP3 download of all sessions that are recorded (most all lectures, symposiums and panels) will be available for purchase. If you do not pre-reserve a recording (either online or at the conference registration desk) a copy can be purchased after the conference, but costs may be slightly higher from the recording company.


A box is provided below to note comments, special needs and requests.  Although IASD will do its best to meet such requests, it is not always practical or possible to do so and thus IASD cannot guarantee that a specific request can be met. We will attempt to notify you of the status of your requests. Note that we try to provide special seating accommodations for those who have limited sight or hearing or need wheelchair access, so let us know if you have those needs so that we can plan properly. If you have a specific question regarding facility access you may contact the Rolduc Conference Centre at +31 (0)45 54 66 888.


Payments can be made using Visa or Master Card in Europe, plus American Express in the US. Click CONTINUE to complete and go to the payment system.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds for conference related fees will be subject to a $100 processing fee. Due to date dependent contractual and scheduling obligations, NO REFUNDS ARE OFFERED AFTER 15 March for Approved Volunteers and Presenters or after 1 June for any registrant. All cancellations or refunds for room and/or meal reservations made with the Hotel are subject to hotel policies and must be resolved directly with the Hotel.