International Association for the Study of Dreams 

Survey on the Application of Dream Arts 


Due Date 31 December 2016


INSTRUCTIONS. IASD is involved in the editing of a two volume tutorial book for ABC-CLIO Greenwood on Dreams: Understanding the Biology, Psychology and Culture. The Cultural part will include the many ways that Dream Art influences our dreamwork and our culture. To that end we invite you as an artist in our community to complete this survey. The results of the survey - and in many cases your stories and mention of you work - may be selected in part for publication in this book.

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AGREEMENT. I acknowledge that in completing this form that the information provided may be edited and used in whole or part by IASD in the referenced ABC-CLIO book, and realize that it is a survey of information that will be combined with information from other survey participants as appropriate to meet the objectives of that chapter. *

Tell us about yourself

Use of Art in Dreamwork and Therapy

Do you use art for dreamwork or dreamwork therapy? *
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The art originates as follows (check all that apply): *
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Art inspired by Dreams

Do you regularly create art that is inspired by your dreams? *
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What is your primary creative mode? (choose any that reflect what you mostly do) *
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