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Presentation Proposal Submission Form

Due date for submissions: 20 December 2020

(Due date for Hot Off The Press submissions:  15 March 2021)

SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION. As the "SUBMITTER" you are the person submitting the proposal and remain the primary contact for ALL communications for this presentation and are responsible for communicating all information and status to others involved. We understand that the submitter is usually, but not necessarily, the primary presenter. Contact info and other details about the primary presenter will be collected below.
          If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours, please let us know by sending an email to

          Also, if you do not receive confirmation of acceptance status by 31 March 2021,
          please email us at the same address.

In case we lose contact with you by email, please provide one or two Phone Numbers where you can be reached. Please include your country code if outside the US.

NATURE OF SUBMISSION. Please specify the nature of this submission:
"New for 2021¨ (your initial submission of this particular proposal for 2021) or a "Modification¨ (replacing an earlier version of this 2021 submission to update or edit it).  If this is a “Modification”, it must be complete.

THE CONFERENCE WILL NOW BE HELD VIRTUALLY. In order to ensure the safety of our attendees and to avoid the risk of having to cancel our conference once again due to ongoing pandemic conditions, IASD has decided to hold the full 5-day conference virtually via. Zoom.  It will be live and interactive with the same symposia, panels, workshops, morning dream groups, and special events offered as had been planned for the onsite program.  This not only ensures the safety of participants but increases global access to the full event.

Note that Poster presentations are now converted to short Hot Off The Press (HOTP) live presentations. The schedule will remain on Pacific US time but we will attempt to accommodate non-US time zones for presenters where practical to do so. Zoom-based recordings will be available for non-dream sharing sessions.  Information on the schedule, logistics, zoom setup and training sessions for presenters will come as planning proceeds.  

Please select:

MULTI-PRESENTATION SESSION - Pre-organized Symposium, Pre-organized Panel, or Special Event with multiple presentations. 

SINGLE PRESENTATION - Talk, Workshop, Morning Dream Group, Special Event. The presentation may include a presenter plus co-presenter and co-authors, or a group enacted event, as long as it is one single presentation, workshop or enactment.

HOT OFF THE PRESS PRESENTATION - Theory or research paper presentation by single or multiple presenter(s) or co-authors to be presented in a Hot Off The Press session as 15 minute talks (10 min. lecture + 5 min. Q&A). *

All presenters must have read and agree to adhere to the IASD ethics statement as well as to honor the IASD Principles of Community, both of which can be accessed from (  IASD supports an approach to dreamwork and dream sharing that respects the dreamer’s dignity and integrity, and which recognizes the dreamer as the decision-maker regarding the significance of the dream. IASD is committed to promoting an environment that supports every person in an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, professionalism, and fairness.

In short, all proposals should reflect educational, ethical, non-intrusive goals and methods, and presenters should not practice therapy nor make impractical claims. Workshops conducted in a manner that implies that the leader is the ultimate authority on the personal meaning of the dream, rather than the dreamer, are unacceptable. Workshop and dream group leaders in particular must take care to abide by the IASD ethics statement. 

Furthermore, it is considered unprofessional and unethical for presenters to use direct solicitation or persuasion for economic or self-aggrandizement, such as openly advertising and selling of books or services during the presentationYou may briefly reference a book or practice if it forms the source material in support of your presentation, but you may NOT overtly promote or sell your books, products or services in the session spaces. Promotion of products and services within the conference facilities is also not permitted other than with flyers on the Attendee Information Table or special exhibit/sales tables contracted for with IASD.  Presenters who wish to sell their books or products must do so through the bookstore. Note this in the Book Listing box below and special forms will be sent to make arrangements with the bookstore. 

Check here that you have read and agree to adhere to the IASD ethics statement and honor the IASD Principles of Community.

COMMERCIAL SUPPORT/SPONSORSHIP. Did you or any of the presenters receive commercial support or sponsorship for any aspect of the preparation or delivery of your presentation - OR - is there any other relationship "that could reasonably be construed as a conflict of interest? If yes, please specify here and disclose this information in your abstract and during your presentation. If the conflict involves presenting for the purposes of promoting products or services, please keep in mind that presenters must agree to follow the IASD ethics code which prohibits such promotion during presentations or in session spaces. *

NOTE: Please be aware that your submission must closely follow the guidelines provided herein and on the instruction page. Submissions received by the deadline will be considered final, evaluated as such, and final acceptance/decline decisions made on the basis of this submittal alone. You may or may not receive follow-up questions but there is no conditional acceptance process planned from this point on.