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To evaluate Cash Flow, also Attach the most recent (3) Months Business Bank Statements,
below, February, March & April.  
***CALIFORNIA Residents: Attach the 4 most recent Months

Paragraph 1 of 2: By signing, or completing or sending us this Financing Application, you certify and agree that (i) you are completing an application and are authorized to apply on behalf of the company whose name or full legal name appears above under the "Company Name:" portion of the Financing Application for financing for a business loan, business financing or other request from, or through SCF Funding, SCF Funding, LLC or affiliated companies or partners who may contact you or your company now or on future occasions using any contact information provided or found. You understand and agree that (ii) all information you provide within this Financing

Application and all other supporting documents is true, accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge, and that you will notify us of material changes to such information or it will be considered current information on the date used. You understand and agree that we and our agents and / or assignees or affiliates are authorized to contact third parties to make inquiries in evaluating information provided on this Financing Application or Loan Application and also for any additional attachments or documents sent now or in the future (including requesting business and personal credit bureau reports from personal or business credit reporting agencies and other sources), or for any update, renewal, future solicitations, extension of credit or other lawful purpose. By signing, completing, e-mailing or sending this and any documents to us, you and your company understand and agree we may contact you or your company any time in the future via Text, E-Mail, E-mail to text, phone, cellphone, mail, or any other means for any lawful purpose including future advertisements, solicitations, services, newsletters, requests, or inquiries. By providing your name under owner name and signature, you agree you are representing yourself as an owner of the company listed under company name, or if you are not an owner, you agree that you will disclose and confirm the owner’s name(s) upon submission and their contact information. Paragraph 2 of 2. 3939 LaVista Rd., Ste 143, Tucker, GA 30084

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