Credit Card Authorization Form

OUR PLEDGE: All information and payment details authorized by the cardholder for payment(s) towards specified payment type below, will be kept strictly confidential. We shall respect Cardholder privacy and safeguard against identity theft. We will never rent or sell any information supplied on this form. Only Erica James, Erica James Travel, and tour affiliates are authorized to process any payments specified.

IMPORTANT: If the cardholder is NOT the traveler, please submit with this form, a legible copy of the front and back of the card and legible copy of a valid government issued identification document such as passport, driver’s license or state issued ID. 

Payment Type


Billing Address

The issuer of the card identified on this item is authorized to pay the amount shown as TOTAL upon proper presentation. I promise to pay such TOTAL (together with any other charges due thereon) subject to and in accordance with the agreement governing the use of such card.  The issuer of the card also agrees in advance to not initiate a chargeback (unless it is a case of actual fraud).  Erica James and Erica James Travel will be entitled to pursue the card holder for any costs and losses if a chargeback is used as a ruse for getting a refund.

The above cardholder authorize the above amount to be charged to the above indicated credit card. My signature implies that I, the above cardholder acknowledge that payments received by Erica James, Erica James Travel, and tour affiliates, herein referred to "Erica James Travel" for tour deposits and final payments, travel insurance, airline tickets or other confirmed services, constitutes acceptance of confirmed services by named travelers. I, the above cardholder further acknowledge that upon receipt of this signed and dated Credit Card Authorization form by Erica James Travel, the named travelers are subject to tour, travel insurance, airline ticket, or other service Terms & Conditions and airfare rules & regulations (as applicable). I understand that failure to have this form properly completed and returned to Erica James Travel may result in cancellation of my confirmed services, and that I will be subject to cancellation penalties that are applicable. I verify that all information on this Credit Card Authorization is correctly provided, and that I, the above signed, am the cardholder of the above credit card. My signature also implies that I, the above cardholder and/or tour participants agree not to request any charge backs on the credit card until any disputed matters are resolved with Erica James Travel and/or the travel agent that has undertaken this booking. I further verify that the signature above is my signature as indicated on the reverse of the above-indicated credit card.

Responsibility: By acceptance of the travel arrangements the customer understands that Erica James DBA Erica James Travel or any other agencies that they sell through act only as agents for the carrier, hotel, cruise line or other facility providing the transportation, accommodations or other said travel services, and as such the sole financial responsibility of Erica James DBA Erica James Travel or any other agencies that they sell through is limited to the amount of commissions it receives from said suppliers. Erica James DBA Erica James Travel or any of the other agencies that they sell through shall not become liable for any personal injury, property damage, accident, delay, inconveniences, change in itinerary or accommodations or personal dissatisfaction with the travel arrangements provided.