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Web & E-Mail Server Support Fees

    If you are experiecing problems with your Web Site, Web Site Configuration, E-Mail Services, File Transfer Services, or our Third Party E-Mail Spam Filtering Solution, you must select the first service option and make payment of $75.00 before we will set aside time to diagnose your issue.
    We have been forced to implement this requirement as 95% of the above problems are customer generated. If we find during diagnosis that the problem is in fact within our servers, this $75.00 will be refunded to you unless you choose the option to apply it towards your Annual Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, or E-Mail Server Fees.
     If your Web Site, FTP Access, E-Mail, and E-Mail Filtering Service was shut down due to Non-Payment of services (This may happen when you are 90+ days late in remitting payment). We will (at our option) reactivate the services indicated above for 30 days with a payment of $150.00 in the hope that you can resolve the late payment. Please select the last option if you fit into this category.  Upon payment, your services will be reactivaed with the stipulations indicated above, and you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance due.
   Please Note: If the above paragraph is the reason your web site, e-mail, and e-mail filtering services were shut down, all "Terms of Service Items" you agreed to will be strictly enforced, including "late payment fees, disconnect fees, reconnect fees, and loss of Domain Name if United Citizens Well Regulated Militia  - http://www.ucwrm.us/ (Formerly - Web Venues Internet Services - http://www.webvenues.net/) paid for it while you were in arrears and now maintains ownership.
Web & E-Mail Server Support Fee Schedule:
NOTE: The above fees shown must be pre-paid for the service being rendered. If it turns out that the issue is something not caused by you or your web designer, these fees will be returned to your account, unless you choose to apply them towards your annual fees by answering "Yes" to the question below.
Would you like us to apply any of the unused amounts paid for this service request, towards your annual Web Hosting & Domain Registration Fees? *
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