Dial Fusion Prospect Questionnaire

Please complete the following form regarding your interest and need for Dial Fusion.  One of our Account Managers will reach out to you as soon as possible.
Are you familiar with Vicidial? *
Do you also need VoIP Service? *
Where is your center calling geographically? *
Will you be using the system to manage customer records will you be using an outside CRM system to manage customer data? *
Estimated size of Contact Center (active agents per day) *
Do your agents work remotely or are they all in a single location like an office? *
Do you generate your own leads or do you purchase from vendors? *
How many concurrent calls to you expect for your campaign? (This is the total number of active calls at the same time for your campaign) *
Will you need any custom fields for your leads? *
Will the agents be blended (both inbound and outbound calls)? *
Do your agents have a call flow already defined or do they need assistance in designing routing strategies? *
Do you need/want any type of skills based routing for inbound or outbound calls? *
What type of calls are your agents handling? *
Will you need to set up API feeds for real time lead insertion or do you plan to manually load files/lists as needed? *
Will your agents be transferring calls to an outside vendor (buyer of live calls)? *
Will your agents be transferring internally to specific agents (closers) - within the same campaign or to separate campaign? *
If yes, do you use a pay per call system like Ringba or Invoca and need a URL set up to pass data for transfers?
Please tell us how you heard about Dial Fusion: *
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