Dial Fusion/OmniVoIP New Client Onboarding Form

Please complete the form below to initiate service and onboarding with Dial Fusion and OmniVoIP.  The information will be used to build your client account in WHMCS, our billing system, ASTPP which is the softswitch that manages and provides VoIP usage activity and call detail records.  We'll also use the information to generate your Service Agreement for each product/service you are purchasing.  If you have any questions about any of the fields or information we require, please reach out to your Account Manager or Sales Representative for support. 

Business (Company) Information


Technical Support Contact Information

Please provide us with the contact information for the person desigated as technical support from your company. This person will work with our support team to faciliate set-up and configuration and be the main point of contact for ongoing support, maintenance and troubleshooting from your team.