Equipment For Long Term Student Use - Request Form

NOTE: You can apply now for an item, but collection will not be available until a later date. We will email you directly when you can pickup.

The Media Store houses some older equipment that has low utilisation, but may be useful to students during their degree. We are making some of this equipment available to borrow by students for the duration of their time at Swinburne. Eligible students must be studying at least one production-related subject.

Please be aware that borrows are not guaranteed and equipment will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We will be in contact after you submit this form to let you know if you were successful in your equipment request. We will try to update this page as equipment becomes available/unavailable.



Why is this equipment available to borrow for such a long time?
This equipment is older and generally lower-end. While it’s all functional, due to its age and market placement, it is borrowed rarely. We want to give see the equipment used and hopefully help out a few students in the process! 

How long can I borrow this equipment for?
You can borrow it for the duration of your degree. Equipment must be returned when you complete your studies. If your degree changes or is extended, we can update your booking where required.

I’m interested in borrowing a different piece of equipment not listed here, can I do that?
If you're studying a relevant subject, you can borrow other equipment from the website, however, you will only be able to borrow for short periods (several days). Only the equipment listed here can be borrowed for the duration of your studies.

Can I borrow multiple items?
Yes, however, there will be a limit to one TYPE of item per person, and up to two light stands/speakers. If you need more than one light stand or speaker, make a comment in the field below the equipment checkboxes. 
For example, you can borrow 1 Slik tripod, but not ALSO borrow a Manfrotto tripod.
You could however borrow 1 Slik tripod and a Roland R-05 and an AGK handheld microphone. Requests deemed to have asked for excessive amounts of equipment will be declined. 

I have another question not answered here.
Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



Which item/s are you requesting to borrow? *
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