“Green Monday Mystery Diner @ HKIA” Program Beta

Thank you for participating in the “Green Monday Mystery Diner @ HKIA” Program. The objective is to provide recommendations to the participating restaurants based on your understanding of the “Green Monday” and vegetarian menu provided and the needs of vegetarian customers.


Roles of Green Monday Mystery Diner:


  1. Select one of the participating restaurants. (Please refer to Green Monday’s HKIA web page: http://greenmonday.org/corporate-solutions/case-study/hkia/)
  2. Visit Green Monday Facebook page to look through the Green Monday menu and offer provided by the participating restaurants. (http://goo.gl/JhAKBf)
  3. Mystery Diner conduct the assignement at the same restaurant one month after the previous visit.
  4. Please contact Catherine Yang Green Monday for any enquires at Tel: 2263 3165 / Email: catherine.yang@greenmonday.org
  5. Please fill in the online questionnaire during or after the visit.
  6. If there are more than one Green Monday mystery diners at single visit, please fill in the questionnaire separately without any discussion.
  7. A souvenir (Go Green 88/Simply Vegetarian/素煮意by Veggie Mom) will be awarded to mystery diners who have completed 3 assignment.Please provide emial adress for gift redemption.

 Please note:

The “Green Monday Mystery Diner @ HKIA” is a voluntary service, no remuneration would be provided. Volunteers are responsible for their own expenses. Please consider the cost when selecting restaurants.


「Green Monday神秘顧客@ HKIA」計劃

感謝你參加「Green Monday神秘顧客@ HKIA」計劃。本計劃旨在了解 Green Monday 餐廳伙伴在機場提供 Green Monday餐單/素食的情況及素食顧客對餐廳的要求,為伙伴提出合適的建議。


Green Monday神秘顧客的工作如下:

1) 選定一間機場Green Monday 餐廳伙伴光顧。參閱:http://greenmonday.org/corporate-solutions/case-study/hkia/

2) 到Green Monday Facebook 專頁了解已選定餐廳所提供的Green Monday餐單 / Green Monday 優惠內容 ( http://goo.gl/ind5on ) 。

3) 你可以於一個月後重覆到訪同一餐廳伙伴,並進行「Green Monday神秘顧客」任務。

4) 如對 Green Monday餐廳伙伴或其優惠內容有問題疑問,請與 Green Monday 聯絡 (Catherine Yang - 電話: 2263 3165 / 電郵:catherine.yang@greenmonday.org)

5) 光顧後填寫問卷。

6) 如同桌有超過一名 Green Monday義工或神秘顧客,請分別填寫問卷,並不要討論答案。

7) 完成三次神秘顧客任務,可獲得任意一本Go Green 88/學素(唐寧)/素煮意(素媽媽)。請提供郵箱地址以方便安排禮物領取。



「Green Monday神秘顧客」純屬義務性質,Green Monday/Green Monday餐廳伙伴均不會為義工提供報酬。光顧餐廳的一切費用,亦須由參加者自行承擔。參加者選擇光顧餐廳進行「Green Monday神秘顧客」工作時,應考慮自己的消費能力。



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