Are you getting a Whole or Half pig? *
1/6th of ground pork (Snake River Farms ONLY)
How would like your pigs head *
How many 1/6th did you order? *
1st* How would you like the pork chop area? *
2nd* baby back ribs and tenderloin *
How thick do you want your pork chops? *
How many pork chops do you want in a package? *
how would you like your pork shoulder roast area? *
How do you want your pork steaks area? *
How many steaks per package *
How do you want your pork belly? *
How would you like your ham(s)? *
How would you like your smoked ham(s) prepared? *
How would you like your fresh ham(s) prepared? (APPOX 18-20 Lb PER HALF) *
Do you want your spare ribs? *
Do you want the hocks or should we add them into your trim? *
Do you want any of the organs? Check all that apply. *
Do you want the lard? NOT GROUND *
Please choose your Trim options. Limit of up to 2 choices per. Choices will be split as close to equal as possible unless otherwise specified in comments. You can expect approximately 6-8 lbs on a half of pig, based on size of pig and results from selections above. (patties are not available during fall)
I understand that any smoked meat will be an additional $1.55 per pound. *
Ground pork or Sausage? *
I understand that after 14 days from invoicing there is $10 a week storage and handling fee, for meat left here beyond 14 days. I also understand that all prices are subject to change without notice. (due to circumstances out of our control) *
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