Are you getting a Whole or Half Goat? *
How thick do you want your chops? *
How do you want your Roasts? (One 2-3 pound roast per half) *
Leg of Goat *
Do you want the ribs? *
How do you want your Shanks? *
Do you want and of the organs? Check all that apply. *
What do you want us to do with your trim? *
I understand that any smoked meat will be an additional $1.55 per pound. *
I understand that after 14 days from invoicing there is $10 a week storage and handling fee, PAYING YOUR BILL DOES NOT RELEASE YOU FROM STORAGE FEES FOR MEAT LEFT AFTER 14 DAYS. I also understand that all prices are subject to change without notice. (due to circumstances out of our control) WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DONATE MEAT LEFT HERE BEYOND 60 DAYS WITHOUT NOTICE *

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