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Community Manager: Engagement is a key part of ILA Digital Events. The Community Manager will be an active member of the event by interacting with other attendees and sharing resources in the chat. The Community Manager may be asked to assist ILA staff with other tasks during the event. Time commitment: approximately 2–3 hours

Event Moderator: For an ILA Webinar, the Event Moderator will welcome attendees, introduce the speaker(s), and conclude the event. Ideally, the Event Moderator has a high level of knowledge in the primary topic of the webinar. The Event Moderator is expected to attend a pre-event planning call, be available for up to one hour ahead of the live event, and be comfortable with an on-camera speaking role. Time commitment: approximately 4–5 hours

Speaker: ILA Digital Events provide valuable professional development because of great speakers and their expertise. Speakers at ILA Webinars and ILA Intensives have a deep understanding of a key literacy topic, are able to share information in a practical way, and are expressive and engaging presenters. A Speaker is expected to attend 2­–3 pre-event planning calls, be available for up to one hour ahead of the live event, and be comfortable speaking for no more than 45 minutes on camera. Time commitment: 6–7 hours, not including preparation of presentation materials




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