Teachers' Choices Team Leader Application

The International Literacy Association (ILA) Teachers' Choices project needs the following information to select new team leaders. We consider numerous factors, such as geography, support services, number of interested teachers, type of population, and attendance at ILA's annual conference.

Deadline to submit application for the 2020–2023 term is March 31, 2020.

We are looking for team leaders in the following areas of the United States, which involves a commitment to a three-year term as a team leader. Please check the area you would like to represent.
NOTE: If the area in which your state is found is not currently in need of a team leader, you may still apply, and your application will be kept on file for future openings.
Please provide a list of school populations available to field test the books, along with a letter from the schools or school districts indicating their interest in participating. Please include the following information: name of school, number of students, grade levels (K–8), and breakdown of student diversity, including special education and rural/urban/suburban students involved and whether the student population includes historically underserved or minoritized groups.

You can upload up to 5 lists of schools.

You can upload up to 5 letters of support.

Additional Information

At least two Field Leaders are needed to help circulate books and approximately 50 Teacher Reviewers are needed to read and review books. Will you be able to get this support?
As team leader, you will receive multiple copies of 400–500 titles to be recorded, categorized, and distributed to reviewers. You are responsible for maintaining records, collating rating sheets, reporting tabulations, and writing annotations. Do you have sufficient administrative assistance to direct this project?
Your participation as a team leader involves a three-year commitment. The first year you serve as a trainee, the second as a team leader, and the third as a team leader/mentor who guides a trainee to take over your area. Trainees and team leaders must attend both the Teachers' Choices planning session and project session at ILA's annual conference. Can you ensure attendance at these sessions each year of your term (making sure to consider any professional development funding needs)?
Can you make this commitment? *

Additional Comments

I understand and agree that I cannot be involved in any other ILA project dealing with book selection while serving on the Teachers' Choices project. *
Deadline to submit application is March 31, 2020.