ILA 2024 William S. Gray Citation of Merit Nomination Form

The International Literacy Association (ILA) William S. Gray Citation of Merit is the highest individual honor awarded by ILA, reserved for members who have made outstanding contributions to multiple facets of literacy development, including but not limited to research, theory, and practice.


Candidates for the William S. Gray Citation of Merit must have made outstanding contributions to the literacy field in both theory and practice. In addition, candidates must have

  • Produced definitive material or undertaken important restructuring of existing material critical to literacy teaching and learning across the globe
  • Served in several important capacities, including but not limited to researcher, scholar, academic, clinician, and/or school-based educator
  • Been a notable influence through publications, presentations, and new media (e.g., webinars, videos, podcasts, blogs, and other online platforms)
  • Demonstrated leadership in and service to the field throughout their career

To be eligible, a candidate must be an ILA member in good standing and maintain active membership through June 30, 2025.


Several updates have been made to the submission process. Please review carefully.

Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by a colleague or members of the William S. Gray Citation of Merit Committee. Supporting documentation is required and may be supplied in the body of the form, as a PDF attachment, and/or by linking to relevant material (such as a CV) provided that the source is reputable and up to date.

Please note that candidates who have been nominated by a colleague are no longer required to complete a separate application.

Once submitted, nominations remain active for a total of three (3) years. Should a candidate be nominated more than once, each individual nomination will still expire three (3) years after it was first submitted.

All nominations must be received by March 15, 2024. Submissions received after this date will be held for consideration the following award year. Notifications will be sent by mid-June.


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Note: To be eligible for consideration, nominees must be an ILA member in good standing and maintain active membership in ILA through June 30, 2025. Member status will be verified during the review process.


The following materials should be uploaded as individual documents. Failure to upload all
items will result in your nomination being unsubmitted.

To upload your files, please select Choose File to locate your document in your files and then
select Open to attach to the form. Please note that PDFs are preferred. If you are unable to upload files, please send documents via email to
Rationale for Nomination: Provide rationale for nomination, including description of contributions to reading theory and/or research, reading practice, publications, service to the profession, and service to ILA.

Curriculum Vitae: Provide a professional vitae (maximum of seven pages).

A Rationale for Nomination and a CV (whether a PDF or an online link) must be provided. *


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