Volunteer Application: ILA Committee/Task Force

Throughout each year, ILA’s Board of Directors may form committees and task forces that address specific subjects within a range of areas such as adolescent literacy, early literacy, literacy leadership, and operational initiatives. The committees and task forces are made up of appointed volunteers, typically require 2–4 hours per month of volunteers’ time and, depending on the charges, conclude their work within 9–18 months of being struck.

Because we often have more volunteers than available committee/task force slots, we’re not always able to accommodate every application to serve. If you are not assigned to a committee or task force, we will keep your application on file for one year as a potential resource for other opportunities.

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Please note that ILA membership is required to serve on 
committees and task forces, and that volunteers may 
serve on only one committee or task force at a time.
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If you have any questions about this form, please contact us at ILAawards@reading.org.