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HDFFA Partnership sign-up is annual from May to May.
Partners are able to sign up after May 1st but will not be included
in the print Food and Farm Directory (online directory only). 
Partnership rates below are pro-rated to reflect this.

PARTNERSHIP: The program guidelines are established by the HDFFA. Partners must renew their membership annually. Partnership criteria are used to assure that foods promoted with HDFFA marketing materials are grown, raised or made in Central Oregon.

Local: the tri-county region of Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties (exceptions are made for farms/ranches in neighboring counties whose main market is Central Oregon).
Local Food: all edible products grown or raised in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties including but not limited to, meat, dairy, eggs, vegetable and fruits.
Local Products: processed or prepared foods made in Central Oregon.

High Desert Food & Farm Alliance

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Please choose your primary Business Listing from the drop down menu.  The first listing is complimentary, the second will cost a fee as space is limited in the Directory. (NOTE: Sponsors get a free secondary listing if applicable)
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Accomodation: Purchase local food to be served at your establishment year-round or seasonal. *
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Butcher/Meat Market: Offer local meats for sale and identify with signage year-round. *
Do you meet this requirement?
Coffee/Tea/Baked Goods/Produce Stand/Herbs/Seeds/Plants: Offer local products at all times at your estalishment (this includes value-added goods made locally such as Red Plate cookies or Justy's Jellies). *
Do you meet this requirement?
Culinary Arts/Catering: Offer local food at the majority of your events. *
Do you meet this requirement? 
Dairy: Purchase local milk from farms, use locally processed milk from Eberhard's, or use local farm or value-added products such as mint/jellies/toffee in your product. *
Do you meet this requirement?
Grocer: Offer an average of 10 products available per month with signage that allows customers to identify available items that contain Local Foods (this includes value-added goods made locally such as Red Plate cookies or Justy's Jellies).  *
Do you meet this requirement?
Restaurant: Carry at least one local food item at all times and feature local products monthly (such as “specials”), identified with signage differentiating the Local Food from other options. This includes value-added goods made locally such as Red Plate cookies or Justy's Jellies.  *
Do you meet this requirement?
Specialty Foods (aka Value Added)/Wine/Brew/Spirits/Kombucha: Process in Central Oregon and use local products as much as possible. *
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Local Food Procurement Information

In an effort to improve consumer trust in supporting businesss that buy Central Oregon grown, raised or made products, we would like to highlight what you are doing to support local. Please click on the following  HDFFA Partner FARMS, RANCHES AND VALUE-ADDED PRODUCERS that you purchase from.

If you are a VALUE-ADD business (and don't use local food but process in Central Oreogn) or FARMERS MARKET, click the last button.

Up to 5 vendors will be included in your Directory listing by stating "Proudly sourcing from". *
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Where do you buy your local products? *
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Business Support Options

COUPON: Are you interested in drawing more people to your business with an online trackable
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"Taste Local Thursdays" fall food series is a successful co-promotion event that we set-up. Each business chooses one Thursday in Sept/Oct and provides a local food special.  We develop the marketing materials and together we co-promote. 

Are you interested in participating or learning more? *
Each year we print Farmer Profiles for all of our farm/ranch partners. Would you be interested in utilizing these at your business? *


HDFFA Partnership sign-up is annual from May to May.
Partners are able to sign up after May 1st but will not be included in the print Food and Farm Directory (online directory only). Partnership rates below are PRO-RATED AT A 50% discount to reflect this.
-Standard listing
-Promotional materials
ENHANCED: All the above plus
-Highlisted listing (online only)
-Producer spotlight on facebook, facebook shares and ability to post for you
-Inclusion in newsletter and twitter
PREMIUM: All the above plus
- 1/8 page Ad
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The effectiveness of this campaign depends on the consumers trust in the integrity of the local products you offer. You AGREE to provide to meet the requirements stated above regarding how much local food needs to be used at your business. Do you agree to follow these guidelines to ensure appropriate, equitable and consistent use of the label? *
High Desert Food & Farm Alliance
Contact: Jess Weiland