Longford Scholarship Application

Options for submitting your application

Option 1. Submit this application form online once.
Option 2. Print this form out to complete by hand, then send by post. If you need to use additional sheets to answer any of the questions, please feel free to do so, but make sure they are firmly attached to the form. Please post to: The Longford Trust, PO Box 64302, London NW6 9JP.

When to apply, and when to expect a response

We only make one round of grants per academic year.  All applications for awards for courses starting in the academic year that begins in September 2018, including Open University courses beginning in February 2019, must be received by Friday June 8, 2018.  Those who are successful will be notified by the end of June 2018. We regret that we do not have sufficient office resources to be able to acknowledge receipt of every application, but once it has been processed, you will hear from us.


The application form is designed to help you put in the strongest application you can.  We treat the information you give us as confidential but may contact the referees you have listed at the end of the form. By signing the form you are giving us permission to contact them

Set up an account

If you are eligible to apply, this form could take 30 minutes or more to complete. If you wish to apply online we recommend creating an online account. An account enables you to save the form and return later to finish the form if you need more time. It also enables you review your completed application. If you are working on a printed paper form there is no need to set up an online account. Set up your account or log in now

Are you eligible?

Please tick the statements that apply to you. *
I’m an ex-offender or awaiting release in the near future.
My custodial sentence was or is still being served in a UK prison.
I’ve identified a specific course I want to study.
I’m aiming for a degree level course offered by a college, university or other institution of higher education including The Open University.
My course start date is less than 5 years after my release date.
I’ve been in contact with the course provider and I’ve obtained a provisional offer of a place.
I can’t afford to pay for these studies myself.
I’ve researched student loans and grants available and can show that I’m not wholly able to finance my studies myself.
Obtaining this qualification will improve my career chances, my rehabilitation and enable me to put something back into society.
If all the statements above apply to you, and you have ticked all statements above, then you are eligible to apply for one of our scholarships so please continue with your application. 

Which scholarship are you applying for?

If you want to study law please select Patrick Pakenham Award. If you want to study computer science please select Nat Billington Award. Otherwise select Longford Scholarship.
Which type of scholarship are you applying for? *
 Longford Scholarship
 Nat Billington Award
 Patrick Pakenham Award

Your contact details

First name *
Last name *
Contact address *
Post code *
Telephone number
Email address

Your background

There is no specific age limit for applying for a Longford Scholarship/Patrick Pakenham Award, but in evaluating those in greatest need of their funding, the trustees will pay attention to Lord Longford’s own interest in encouraging young people in particular back into education.
Your age & your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) *
If you’re not a UK citizen you have to prove you are eligible to remain in the UK for the duration of your course.
Nationality *
These next two questions help us understand your expected living expenses during your studies.
Do you have a husband, wife or domestic partner? *
If you have dependents/children please state their ages.
The answer to the next two questions plays a significant role in assessing your commitment to education and your suitability for the scholarship award.
Please tell us of any existing qualifications gained before the commencement of your prison sentence.
Please tell us of any educational achievements or courses you have taken while in prison
The scholarships are designed for those who’ve never had the opportunity to undertake Higher Education before so it’s rare for us to fund a post-graduate degree. We do fund those wishing to complete Open University degrees that were started in prison or previous unfinished degrees. This relates to our next question.
Have you started an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course before? If so, please give full details of how many points/credits/modules/years completed, with name, course level and location.

Your course

Name of Higher Education course you wish to study *
How many years does the course last, and please specify at which stage you currently are? *
Name of university or college *
When do you plan to start? (if you have started already please state how many years until you graduate) *
Have you been offered a place? *
Please give contact details of the person handling your application to your chosen course.
We’ll only contact this person to check you have made an application and will not share with them any other information provided on this form.
Contact name *
Contact details such as email address, phone number and address *

Your custodial history

The scholarships are all about enabling you to put your past behind you, but they also operate on the basis of full and truthful disclosure between you and The Longford Trust.
Please outline clearly any prison sentences you have served or are serving, stating:  • The offence you were convicted for  • The date of and length of sentence  • Where it was served *
If you have already been released, please give your date of release
Are you are still on licence? *
Do you appear on the sex offenders’ register? *
We require that anyone applying for a Longford Scholarship confirm that they have made the following disclosure.
Have you disclosed your criminal record to the institution you plan to attend, in line with the guidelines provided by UCAS? *

If you are still serving your sentence..

If you are some years off release you should explore whether any bursaries or grants are available via other charities to help you begin study. You may have to consider getting a student loan as HE course costs, even for The Open University, have risen substantially since September 2012. Further information is available from The Prisoners' Education Trust www.prisonerseducation.org.uk and www.studentfinance.direct.gov.uk.
If you are still serving your sentence, when is the earliest you can expect parole?
Please explain in detail how you would overcome barriers to study (such as available time and access to IT). If you want to study an Open University degree you need to give details of someone in the Prison Education Department, Learning and Skills or your Probation Officer who can support your application
If you are still serving your sentence, how will this affect your ability to start the course / carry out your studies?


For your next answer give a full and clear breakdown of your financial requirements. Scholarship money can be awarded for tuition fees, living expenses or a combination of both. The maximum annual award is £5000 but awards are normally less than the maximum. The award is renewed for each year of study for a maximum of 3 years, subject to good reports from your tutors. For applicants to the Patrick Pakenham Scholarship, a fourth year of funding can be awarded for scholars completing the Legal Practice course required by the Law Society to become a solicitor.
What sum of money do you require per year from the Longford Trust to enable you to complete the course? *
To fund tuition fees for first, full-time and part-time degrees you can apply for a government funded loan which you will have to pay back after graduation if your income exceeds a certain level. You need to show us that you have explored this avenue. If you can’t get such a loan or don’t want to apply, you need to explain why. If you successfully obtain such a loan we can still help with your living expenses.
Have you applied for a student loan to help you pay your tuition fees? *
If yes, what response have you received? Or, if no, please explain why not.
Most ex-offenders are eligible for a maintenance loan for both full-time and part-time courses to help with living expenses.
Do you intend applying for a maintenance loan? *
If yes, for how much?
Universities also have their own bursary schemes. We encourage all applicants who can to apply for these.
Do you have offers of funding from any other charity, trust, body or individual towards the costs of your course? If so, please give details. *
Please give full details above of any other funding offers, for example Prisoners Education Trust funds.
We particularly want to help those who have tried to find funding from various sources but still can’t afford to study. We want to make doing your higher education course seem possible.
Please give details of your current financial circumstances and explain why a Longford Scholarship is needed *

Personal Statement

For your next answer please give us any detail you think might be relevant in explaining your circumstances and how the scholarship would be of benefit.  The following questions might help you to structure your personal statement: Why have you chosen your subject of study? How you would make use of the scholarship? What effect would your qualification have on your rehabilitation and reintegration with society? How would you use your qualifications in your future career? How would this enable you to ‘put something back into society’? Use as much space as you need if applying online, or an extra sheet as required if applying by post.
Please introduce yourself and the reasons why you are applying for a scholarship. *
You may continue on another sheet if necessary
Please tell us how you know about The Longford Trust. *


Please provide full details of two people who have agreed they can send in a written reference to support your academic plans.  If you are a serving prisoner one of your referees must be someone in the Prison Education Department who knows you well. If you are on licence, they must include your probation officer. Please make sure you include name, address and contact details, especially email addresses for both your referees or those from whom we can expect to hear and explain the person’s role under ‘How is this person know to you?’
Referee 1
Ref.1 Full name *
Ref.1 Email address *
Ref.1 Direct phone number *
Ref.1 Full postal address *
Ref.1 How is this person known to you? *
Referee 2
Ref.2 Full name *
Ref.2 Email address *
Ref.2 Direct phone number *
Ref.2 Full postal address *
Ref.2 How is this person known to you? *
Please inform these two individuals that we will be in contact with them. By signing this form you are giving us permission to discuss your scholarship application with your referees.  It will help your application if you can provide these references when you submit this form.  They can also be posted direct to The Longford Trust, PO Box 64302 London NW6 9JP.


I declare that all the information given above on this form is correct. I understand that misleading or inadequate information could lead to my Longford Scholarship being withdrawn.
Signed (if by post)
Print full name *
Date *
  Thank you for completing this form. If you are awarded a scholarship, we will support you during your time at college/university by matching you with a Longford Trust Mentor to help see you through your studies. Please submit your form now. Please click submit and wait for a response page