Loudoun County Bar Association Membership Renewal 2023-2024

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Committee Interest
Membership Type *
*Associate Members are Members in Good Standing of the Virginia State Bar who do not otherwise qualify for or are seeking active membership or Members in Good Standing of another State or Federal Bar.
**Legal Services Attorneys are regular attorneys who are employed by the Public Defender Office, Legal Services of Northern Virginia, Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter, or is on a qualifying court appointed counsel list.
***Senior Active Members are age 70 or above who are still Members in Good Standing of the Virginia State Bar and actively engaged in the practice of law.
Legal Services Attorneys not employed by the Public Defender's Office, LSNV, or LAWS- Please certify that you are on one of the following court appointed counsel lists in Loudoun County and are actively accepting appointments (mark all that apply).
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Please Note: A 3% processing fee is added for online payments.
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Certification of Good Standing
Law Student Certification
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Pursuant to Article VIII, SECTION 2 OF THE BYLAWS OF THE LOUDOUN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION, a fee of $50 will be assessed for payments received after the due date.
Delinquency for a period exceeding 90 days shall result in the member losinghis or her status as a Member in Good Standing and relinquishment of all rights and privileges associated with a Member of his or her class in Good Standing without additional notice from the LCBA.
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