Transition Discoveries, Your Voice, Your Story, Your Future.

Welcome to the Transition Discoveries Survey!

Your community is working together to make sure that young people with disabilities have everything they need to reach their goals for life after high school. Goals for after high school might include working, getting more training or going to college, and being part of the community.

Making goals for life after high school and participating in activities to prepare to reach them is often called "transition planning" or "transition". If you're a young person, a family member or professional, your community wants to hear from you about what has been working well with transition and what could be better. Because talking to everyone in the community about transition takes a lot of work, we have this survey for you to share your experiences with transition!

There is a version of the Transition Discoveries survey designed for young people. There are also versions of the survey designed for family members / parents and transition professionals. 
We want to make sure that you answer questions about transition that were made for you. 
After you pick from the options below, the Transition Discoveries survey will automatically move to the right questions for you!
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