Fall 2017 Breakout Princeton Participant Application

Application Deadline: Sunday, September 24th, 2017 by 11:59PM EST

Please complete and submit this application online. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

To be eligible to participate in Breakout Princeton, the following requirements must be met:

  • Be a currently enrolled Princeton undergraduate or graduate student
  • Have an interest in learning about and taking action to address important public issues
  • Be able to fully participate in all required pre-trip meetings, the entire trip, and the post-trip gathering
  • Be free from disciplinary probation at the time of application and throughout the Breakout experience

In reviewing applications, we strive to make each trip representative of Princeton’s diversity. We welcome all backgrounds and identities. We encourage applicants to share however much of their story they are comfortable with, knowing that Breakout is a place where they will be heard. 

No Fees:

In an effort to make Breakout Princeton accessible to all students, the Pace Center for Civic Engagement has eliminated participant and trip leader fees for all Breakout Princeton Trips! 

Continuing in the vein of opportunity, Breakout Princeton Policy states that students may serve as a participant once and a trip leader once. If you wish to remain involved, contact the Breakout Staff Advisor about applying for a leadership position within the Breakout Princeton Board. 

For any questions or concerns please contact Pace Center Program Coordinator and Breakout Staff Advisor, Eliza Blades, at eblades@princeton.edu or call at 609.258.9746.

Background Information

I am a: *
Are you an international student? *
Have you successfully passed the University's van certification road test? *
If you are not car or van certified by Princeton, are you willing to become certified? *
Have you applied for a Breakout trip in the past and not been selected? *
Have you served as a participant on a Breakout Princeton Trip in the past? * 
How did you hear about Breakout Princeton? *

Essay Questions

To ensure your answers to the questions below are complete and intact before hitting Submit, we recommend writing out your responses in a separate word document that you then save. Then, as you complete this form, cut and paste your final answers from this saved document into the appropriate fields below. Answers should be no longer than 300 words.

Trip Preferences

Breakout Princeton is sponsoring 6 trips during the upcoming break. The size of each trip group is limited to 10 students to ensure the safety of the group and the quality of experience for participants.
The Breakout trips require participants to be extremely flexible. Living simply is a value of Breakout Princeton, meaning conditions may be different than what you are accustomed to (e.g. sleeping on a floor or doing demanding service work) and plans might change unexpectedly

To facilitate the trip placement process, please rank your top 3 trips in order of your preference

When you have completed ranking your trip preferences, please answer the cooresponding trip-specific questions for your top 3 trips. We will do our best to place you within your preferences, however, we cannot guarantee there will be space. 

For a brief description of each trip featured this Fall 2017 semester please visit the Pace web-site

Trip Specific Questions

Breaking Down Barriers: An Intersectional Approach to Mental Health Care

0/400 words

The Drop In Model: Exploring Temporary Solutions to Youth Homelessness

0/400 words

Decision Making and Discrimination: Environmental Justice in Urban Settings 

0/400 words

Food Deserts: Hunger, Community, and Access

0/400 words

Charm City: Maintaining Community in the Midst of Gentrification

0/400 words

Dance Education Access: Culture, Race, and the Body 

0/400 words

Waiver to Inquire about Disciplinary Records

Students on disciplinary probation at the time of their application are not eligible to participate in Breakout Princeton. To verify your eligibility, please read the waiver below and indicate your consent to inquire about your disciplinary records. Information related to your disciplinary records will only be shared with Pace Center staff.

In submitting this application, I permit the Pace Center for Civic Engagement to inquire about my student disciplinary records at Princeton University, and I permit the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) to release such records to the Pace Center. Information from other offices at Princeton (e.g. residential colleges or others) may be requested as part of the application review process to ensure that all students have a safe and productive experience. I understand that decisions on individual applications are made by the Pace Center on a case-by-case basis and that any information received by the Pace Center will not be released to other students or any third parties. *