2021-2022 Application

Deadline: Rolling, apply ASAP
With faculty and peers, you'll engage in hands-on service and forge connections to your academic interests through critical reflection and collaboration as you discover how to be "in the nation's service and the service of humanity." 
The following application will ask you a bit about your interest in and commitment to making service a central part of your Princeton experience. You are eligible to apply to Service Focus if you are a First Year at Princeton and have applied to at least one summer internship. You will need to secure a summer internship before officially being accepted into Service Focus but we can provide assistance with that once you've applied. 
Selection of students takes into consideration:
  • Strength of commitment to further learning about service and civic engagement
  • Maturity and demonstrated ability to carry through on co-curricular commitments
  • Strength of interest in collaborative projects
  • Diversity of disciplinary interests/aspirations

Your application will be reviewed by a selection board made up of university staff. If your application advances to the second round, you’ll be asked to participate in a short interview before final decisions will be made. 

Service Focus will help you prepare for their summer by providing guidance and resources. While engaging in the summer service internship, you will connect in-person or virtually with other Service Focus students. You will support and learn from one another, sharing stories along the way. There may be opportunities to apply for limited summer funding based on how COVID-19 impacts internship opportunities. 


You’ll become part of a close-knit peer group that meets an average of twice per month with a Service Focus staff member and student mentors. You’ll support each other through reflection on service and development of your academic paths. Each group is paired with a faculty mentor who shares your own passion for service and offers guidance about integrating service into academics, work and life.
Groups work collaboratively to explore a particular societal issue. You will engage with campus and community partners to ground your exploration in community perspectives and where appropriate, work together to make a direct impact.  Students may submit proposals for additional funding for projects that are larger in scope.
As a Service Focus student you’ll be required to take one service-related course during their sophomore year. You can work with the Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES) to find a course. Course options are broad and include choosing from a pre-approved list of ProCES courses or petitioning to take a different course that matches your interests and internship experience. 

Personal Information

Answers to these questions will only be shared with people directly connected to Service Focus, such as staff, faculty and your fellow students for program related purposes. 
Are you a member of the Class of 2024? *
Only members of the class of 2024 are eligible to apply to Service Focus.
Have you taken a leave of absence this year?
(Only members of the class of 2024 are eligible to apply to Service Focus) *

Demographic Information - Confidential

Answers to these questions are confidential and only used to report trends of Service Focus students in aggregate. We use this information to better understand who is served and who is underserved by Service Focus. Third parties, such as internship organizations or the wider university community will not see this information. 
Race/ethnicity self-identification:
Citizenship Status
Do you identify as a FLY (first generation low income) student?

Summer Service Internship

Please check the option below that best describes your current internship situation *
Please apply to one or more internship programs before applying to Service Focus. If you would like help navigating your options email Meg Rooney (mrooney@princeton.edu) to set up a meeting
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Topics of Interest

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Short Essays

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Application Agreement and Privacy Policy

For the purpose of applying for the Service Focus program, I hereby consent to the release/disclosure of the information that I am providing with this application, including but not limited to my personal statements and other personal information, to University staff involved in review. Additionally, should I be accepted to the program, I consent to have any written documentation or photographs related to my application to be released or disclosed to University officials, program donors, and/or supervisors, including being posted on University websites and/or reproduced in printed materials to promote the program. Written material which I provide may be used in its entirety or excerpts may be selected. Information contained in the sections entitled "Confidential Information" and "Optional Information" will be kept confidential and will not be released to the organization or any other third parties. *
By submission of this application with the following box checked, I attest that the information I have supplied in my application is true to the best of my knowledge. I have not intentionally attempted to mislead application readers. I understand that should my proposal be accepted and at a later date it becomes clear that I did not represent accurately, to the best of my knowledge, my acceptance will be subject to cancellation at the discretion of Service Focus staff. I also understand that my acceptance into Service Focus is contingent upon maintaining good academic and behavioral standing at Princeton University. *

Thank you for applying!

Applications are reviewed within a week of submition. You will hear from Meg Rooney to schedule an interview if you application moves to the second round. Feel free to reach out to Meg with any questions (mrooney@princeton.edu)