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2024 Spring Meeting Call for Abstracts
Saturday, April 20, 2024 | SentryWorld | Stevens Point, WI

The Wisconsin Dermatological Society (WDS) 2024 Spring Meeting will be held Saturday, April 20th at SentryWorld in Stevens Point, WI. We are planning to have abstract presentations by residents, fellows, medical students and practicing physicians. Please feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested.

Authors should fully complete the form below to submit their abstract for consideration at the WDS 2024 Spring Meeting. Should you want to complete this form by paper, please contact the WDS Office at info@widermsociety.org.

Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, March 15, 2024. Authors of accepted abstract will be notified by March 31st. The deadline to submit your abstract will not be extended.

Returning this year! Cash prizes will be award in the amounts of $200 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place and $50 for 3rd place. Judging will take place electronically prior to the Spring Meeting.


  • Abstracts are reviewed according to the following criteria: 1) quality, 2) design and innovation, 3) analysis of study data or cases and applicability to clinical medicine, 4) conciseness and 5) presentation quality/appeal
  • Senior author must be a WDS member or have applied for membership
  • Only ONE abstract per first author may be submitted
  • All abstracts must be onsite and displayed at the meeting on Saturday, April 20th no later than 11am
  • Again this year, only award winning abstracts will be asked to print their poster, which must be 36” tall x 48” wide. Push pins to fasten are provided 
  • Abstract authors will be required to stand by their posters during breaks and lunch
  • Authors will be notified of review decision via email by March 31, 2024.
Abstracts fall into one of two categories: Case Report/Case Series or Clinical/Epidemiologic Study. See below for more information.


Case reports / case series should avoid long prose and paragraphs and have succinct introductions, bullet points whenever possible.
  • Title: Should clearly state the main point of the subject matter.
  • Intro/Background: Should be brief. Utilize bulleted items of significance to the dermatologist.
  • Case: Confirm that clinical and histopath photographs support the diagnosis. Consider using table or chart to summarize important lab data.
  • Discussion: Brief discussion, learning objectives should be clear. Label/identify 1-3 learning objectives for the reader.


Clinical/epidemiologic studies should focus on the relevance to the average dermatologist.
  • Title: Should clearly state the main point or finding of the abstract.
  • Intro/Background: Do not dwell on information already known by most clinicians or readily found in textbooks, focus on novelty and impact of your work, succinctly frame the clinical problem and why the study was performed (context of the study).
  • Methods: Outline methods succinctly, confirm appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria are listed.
  • Results: Appropriately title the figures/graphs/tables/charts/photos. The legend should be informative but not elaborative.
  • Conclusions: Succinct and clear, don’t oversell the data or statistics, only make conclusion from your own data. Acknowledge limitations.
  • Discussion: The summary should focus on what the study adds to existing knowledge and the impact on practice.


Please complete the following fields with the Presenting Author's information.

The WDS is obtaining Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation through the ACCME for its Spring Meeting. To comply with standards, all Poster Presenting Authors must complete an industry disclosure form. Authors will be asked to complete their disclosure online at a later date.


Please complete the following fields with the Senior Author/WDS Member's information. If the Presenting Author and Senior/WDS Member Author are the same, you may skip this section.
I attest the Senior Author on this abstract is a WDS Member. *



Due Friday, March 15, 2024
Please submit your POSTER via .jpg format to the WDS office by email info@widermsociety.org. Unless you choose not to share your abstract, the WDS will post to the website, www.widermsociety.org. If your abstract includes any copyright or sensitive material (i.e. patient photos, private information), please let the WDS office know. We will confirm receipt of all documents.
I will submit my POSTER via .jpg format by Friday, March 15, 2024, and notify the WDS office of any copyright or sensitive material that should not be posted to the WDS website. *

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