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Over 20 Years of Quick and Easy Ways to Cut Your Costs!

Drag And Drop Your Bills, We'll Reduce Your Costs.


Do You Pay  Workers Comp Insurance?  Depending on Staff Size, Our Clients Typically SAVE $15K-$150K.

Do You Pay  Property Insurance?   Our clients typically SAVE $5K-$50K Per Year!

Do You Pay General/Professional/Umbrella Insurance?  Our Clients Typically SAVE $5K+ Per Year.

Do You Pay Commercial Auto / Truck Insurance? Save Thousands per year!

Do you Pay Health Insurance?  There Are Huge Savings Available on Health Insurance Costs!

Credit Card Processing

Do you pay Credit Card Processing?  Our Clients Typically SAVE $3K -$30K Per Month. 

Shipping: FedEx / UPS

Do You Want Refunds for Shipping Errors and Late Shipments? 

TL & LTL Shipments

Do You Want Discounts and Refunds On  TL & LTL Shipments? 

Commercial Real Estate: Cost Segregation Credits

Cost Segregation:  Don't Take The Standard Real Estate Deductions over 39 Years. Segregate Your Actual Expenses and Accelerate Your Deductions. Credits Can Be Hundreds Of Thousands of dollars.

Payroll Tax Credits: Up To $26,000 Per Employee.

Do you want Employee Retention Tax Credits  Up To $26,000 Cash Per Employee?
Did You Have a 20% Downturn in Business in 2021? *The ERC Credit Is In Addition to PPP Loans.

Property Tax & Workers Comp Refunds

Do you want Commercial Property Tax Savings?  ($1M minimum property value). 

Do you want Workers Comp REFUNDS?   ($50K minimum insurance premium)

Linens: Uniforms, Aprons, Towels.

Do you pay for Linen Services?  Save Up to 50%.

Utilities Savings: Electricity / Natural Gas

Do You Want Electricity / GAS  Savings And Refunds? 

Internet / TV / Phone / Dish/ Cable Programming

Do You Pay Internet, TV Or Phone Bills?  Save Up To 50%........ Without Changing Providers. 

I'll provide Bills later. (check the box)

Garbage / Waste

Do You Pay A Garbage Bill?  SAVE Up To 50%........ Without Changing Providers. 

ALARM SERVICE: Fire, Burglar and Elevator.

Do You Pay For ALARMS: Fire, Burglar or Elevator?  SAVE Up To 50%.......Without Changing Providers. 


Healthcare/Hospital.........................................Hospitality/Restaurant..............................All other

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