2022-23 Reservation Form for Returning School Clubs

Thank you for bring your Club back to Snow Trails for another exciting Season. We have moved our reservation form process online. Please take a moment to fill-out the required information below, which will go directly to our Guest Services Team who will review your information and let you know what questions we have for you.

Once we have processed your Club Reservation we will reach-back-out with a new Club ID and Promo Code, as well as your Club Discounted Pricing - a single info sheet you can share with your Club Members. This sheet will also include instructions on “How to Purchase.” Your Pricing Sheet will also be customized with your contact information for sharing with Club Members. As the Club Leader you are required to be the primary contact for your Club Members via email and phone, for Club product, pricing, and procedural questions.

Your Club is classified as a School Club. Most School Clubs transport by bus Once-A-Week on the same day, however some School Clubs simply offer the discount with the understanding Club Members will come at their leisure. Some School Clubs are only students while others extend the offer to students and their family members too. This is your Clubs decision to make in most cases.  

Please note your estimate of Club Members is not a guarantee of Passes available for your Club. There are limited quantities available in different categories available on a first-come basis.

Do Not Change Days from last Season without checking availability with Snow Trails

Will your School Club be... *
Does your Club Transport by Bus *