Booking changes are required 24+ hours in advance of your original date/time of arrival. 

We require time for our team to execute requests and release reservations to the public for rebooking. Any requests made within 24 hour of/or after the original arrival date and time will be denied if their original date was sold out.

If Snow Trails closes for any reason we can credit, refund or reschedule your need. 

What is your Reservations Request Change for? *
Find the Transaction Locator Number from your original confirmation e-receipt. It's located under the bar code.

Please select three possible dates of rebooking. Note no refunds will be given unless Snow Trails cancels your booking or closes our slopes due to weather or mechanical issues.

If you were instructed to request a refund please do so in the note field below with a short explanation.  

For those selecting new dates please return to our eCommerce to see available dates and time on the calendar you can consider.

Rules include:

*Your rebooking must be in the same time slot as your original booking
*We will not rebook to sold out dates and times.
*Rebookings can ony be made to dates with the same product price. So weekdays to weekdays and weekends to weekends. 
*We can convert your reservation to a Gift Card with a 24+ hour notice to your original booking date/time. See below. 
*Please note when demand is high for requests (such as poor weather) our team could have a backlog of several days to process. 

Would you prefer to convert your reservation to a Gift Card? *
Gift Cards can be used anywhere at Snow Trails including food & beverage, our retail shop or to ski/board or tube. Gift Cards can be used online for future reservations including next season!
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