Welcome to the forefront of supply chain innovation! Register now to be part of a dynamic community of supply chain professionals participating in the 2024 Value Chain Technology event, presented by RL and RIS.

In today's volatile supply chain landscape, organizations are zeroing in on four critical pillars for success:  Agility. Resiliency. Collaboration. Sustainability. 

Agility ensures adaptability to market shifts, resiliency safeguards businesses against disruptions, collaboration enhances efficiency and shared value, and sustainability promotes responsible practices – all crucial for a robust and successful supply chain.

Why You Should Register:

Stay Ahead of Industry Transformations: Supply chains are evolving rapidly, and this event positions you to proactively navigate these changes. Register to gain competitive edge strategies that can enhance your supply chain knowledge and skills.

Diverse Perspectives, Comprehensive Insights: Explore diverse perspectives on supply chain trends, challenges, and opportunities that will shape your organization's future

Forge Valuable Connections: Network with like-minded professionals and connect with peers who share your passion for supply chain innovation and sustainability. Exchange ideas, collaborate on solutions, and build relationships that can drive your career and business forward.

As we step into the next generation of supply chain, we will witness a transformative era driven by advanced technologies, data analytics, and a customer-centric approach.

We will take a deep dive into these industry changes March 25-27, 2024 in Seattle, WA. Register your interest below.

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