School Food & Fund Drive Registration

What type of food/fund raiser are you planning? (Select all that apply)
Need Supplies?  (Please allow up to 72 hours for barrel pick-ups and exchanges and up to 4-5 business days for deliveries and keep in mind the busiest weeks for pick-ups are the weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas).
 Qty Of Each Needed
Collection Barrels (holds 125 lbs.)
Red Buckets (holds 75 lbs.)
Counter top cash and change container
Posters (11x17 limit 10. Digital format also available.)
Flyers (8 1/2 x 11)
Food Donation Bags (lunch bag size with handle)
Donation Envelopes

If you are requesting a barrel delivery and pickup we ask that you commit to collecting at least one full barrel, a minimum of 125 pounds.

Delivery Information: 
DELIVERIES WILL BE SCHEDULED ACCORDING TO YOUR LOCATION.  Please allow up to 72 hours for barrel pick-ups/exchanges and up to 4 to 5 business days for deliveries. Thank you.

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