Mutt Scouts Foster Application

Social Media Handles (if applicable)
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Would the dog be primarily indoors or outdoors in your home? *
Do you or other household members work from home? *
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Do you have a yard? *
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Do you have other pets in your home? *
 Breed/Sex/AgeLast VaccinationsHow Long as Your PetSpayed/Neutered (Y/N)
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Do you have a Veterinarian? *
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Often a complete history and temperament of a foster dog are unknown.
An important part of fostering is to relay this valuable information so we are able to place the dog in the best possible home.

Please be realistic and honest about what type of dog you are able to welcome into your home and champion into adoption:
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Are you able/willing to transport dogs to adoption events? *
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When Fostering, I AGREE: to use vets pre-approved by Mutt Scouts. *
When Fostering, I AGREE: that in order to be reimbursed for supplies and/or medical care it must be pre-approved by my foster coordinator. Supplies purchased by foster without express written approval from a Mutt Scouts team member will NOT be reimbursed and will be considered a tax-deductible donation to Mutt Scouts. *
When Fostering, I AGREE: to refrain from bringing my foster dog to dog parks, beaches or social events with other dogs, and acknowledge that in breaching this agreement I take on full financial liability for any incidents that may occur. *
When Fostering, I AGREE: to use the name given to the dog by the organization when promoting the dog on social media or elsewhere. *
Please read the following carefully, and sign below in agreement:

I understand as a foster, my foster dog legally belongs to Mutt Scouts.

I understand that should I wish to adopt the dog, I am agreeing to the following:

I understand a home inspection is required prior to final placement.

I understand a home inspection does not guarantee final placement.
If approved, I agree to provide my own collar, leash, and I.D. tag upon completing the adoption contract.
I understand that Mutt Scouts reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.
I understand this application becomes a part of the adoption contract.
I understand an adoption fee is required to adopt any dog from Mutt Scouts, and will contact a Mutt Scouts representative for the fee schedule.

My signiture below signifies I have read, understood, and agree to all terms listed above.

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