Please be as detailed as possible when completing the application below.
This information allows us to facilitate the best possible match. Note: A home check and adoption fee are required for all adoptions.


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IF YOU ARE ADOPTING A PUPPY: are you prepared to sign an addendum to the adoption contract stating you are responsible for the cost of spaying/neutering, and commit to doing so when they are 6 months of age? *

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Please read the following carefully, and sign below in agreement:
I understand a home inspection is required prior to final placement.
I understand a home inspection does not guarantee final placement.
If approved, I agree to provide my own collar, leash, and I.D. tag upon completing the adoption contract.
I understand that Mutt Scouts reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.
I understand this application becomes a part of the adoption contract.
I understand an adoption fee is required to adopt any dog from Mutt Scouts.

I understand that the adoption fee of $400 for dogs 1 year and up and $500 for dogs under a year is refundable, less $75, for up to one week after day of submission.

My signiture below signifies I have read, understood, and agree to all terms listed above.

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