Parade Registration - Organisations / Veterans / Decendants of Veterans


The Anzac Day Committee is very pleased to announce that preparations are underway for Anzac Day commemorations to take place in Townsville in 2021. 

While the announcement on 23 February from the Premier was exciting news, the QLD Chief Health Officer advised that COVID Safe Plans and Checklists are still required for all Anzac Day events. 

While the Anzac Day Planning Committee are continuing to work towards presenting our traditional Anzac Day Commemorations here in Townsville on Sunday 25 April 2021, please understand that the exact way we deliver each aspect of this important day is dependent on the approval of our QLD Health COVID Safe Event Plan and any COVID regulations at the time of the event.

Registrations close midnight Thursday 1 April 2021 

Please complete the following online registration to participate in the
2021 Anzac Day Parade. 
Only groups registered on this site will be permitted to march.
Individual veterans (or decendants of veterans) may choose to register here, to record contact tracing information, however QR codes will also be displayed at the form-up areas for contact tracing on the day of the event.
Please note - We request that all organisations actively marching in the Anzac Day Parades have a connection to the Defence, Returned Services, Service Organisations or Emergency Services, in some way.
Thuringowa Central - Dawn Service, Parade and Mid-Morning Service
5:40am | Dawn Service commences - Thuringowa Cenotaph, Riverway Precinct, Riverway Drive
8:30am | Parade form up at Weir State School carpark
9:00am | Parade steps off
9:30am | Morning Service - Thuringowa Cenotaph, Riverway Precinct, Riverway Drive

*PLEASE NOTE:  The Thuringowa Cenotaph was relocated to the Riverway Precinct in 2017.  The Thuringowa Parade steps off from the Weir State School, proceeding along Ross River Road for approx. 400m before entering the Riverway Precinct at the Riverway Stadium side gate (opp. Rolfe St).  

Townsville City - Dawn Service and Parade

5:30am | Dawn Service commences - Anzac Park, The Strand

8:15am | Parade form up at Strand Park

9:00am | Parade steps off

10:00am | *Wreath Laying opportunity - Anzac Park, The Strand

*Please note: There is no longer a formal Anzac Day Mid-Morning Service immediately following the Townsville City parade. Organisations, schools and other participants, wishing to lay a wreath at the Anzac Park Cenotaph, are invited to do so at the conclusion of the parade.


Are you registering a group or organisation, or are you registering as an individual (or family) who would like to march in the 2021 Anzac Day Parade?

Please note: For the 2021 Townsville ANZAC Day Parade we are accepting pre-registrations, for veterans or decendants of veterans, who may wish to record their contact tracing information prior to their arrival on the day. QR codes will also be displayed at the form-up areas for contact tracing on the day of the event.


A representative from your organisation must attend the Community Information Session which will be held on Wednesday 14 April at 5pm sharp. You will receive further information about this information session after registrations close.

Townsville City Council, Townsville RSL, Thuringowa RSL and the Australian Defence Force, will have representatives at this meeting to assist in answering your questions. During this meeting you will be given all relevant information regarding your organisation's participation in this years parade.

It is mandatory to attend this Anzac Day Parade - Community Information Session. *
You may choose to save your progress on this form and return to it later. Please note - this is not a requirement and you may continue to complete this form now if you wish. *

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Contact Details

Parade Participation

Townsville is privileged to have the support of a number of local RSL Sub-Branches. Each of these sub-branches work within their local catchment areas supporting those who have served.

On Sunday 25 April 2020, the Townsville City Council, in partnership with the Townsville RSL Sub-Branch and the Thuringowa RSL Sub-Branch, will present Anzac Day commemorations at Townsville City and Thuringowa Central. .

To honour the veterans in your community, we ask that you please support your local RSL Sub-Branch by participating in the parade that is closest to your organisation's community.

Which parade will you / your organisation be participating in? If your organisation will have participants marching in both parades please ensure you select both locations below. *
Organisations participating in the Anzac Day Parade will be split into military affiliated organisations and non-military affiliated organisations.

Please note - we request that all organisations participating in the Anzac Day Parades have a connection to the Defence, Returned Services, Community Services or Emergency Services.

Please select below whichever is relevant to your organisation. *
The only vehicles permitted to take part in the parade are Emergency Service vehicles and those vehicles carrying returned Service Personnel.
Does your organisation wish to include a vehicle in the parade? *

IMPORTANT NOTE: No pedestrians will be permitted to walk in front of any vehicle, at anytime in the parade - this includes personnel carrying banners etc.

Please ensure provisions are made to attach such signage to your vehicle, without the need for banner/flag bearers to walk with vehicles in this parade.

If yes, please indicate which of the below is relevant to your organisation. *

Important Information

Signs and Banners

Please be aware that Townsville City Council does not supply signage for organisations participating in the parades.
All participants will be responsible for supplying their own signage and it is strongly suggested that you bring along a placard or similar that can easily identify your organisation to the parade marshalls, commentary team, and/or the general public. 
It is the responsibility of each organisation to provide personnel to carry their own flags and signs. There will be no council or defence personnel available, on the day, to carry out this duty.

Parade Order

In recent year's, the parade order for both marches has been listed by corps rather than individual units. This process will be continued in 2021.
The Order of March for this and future Anzac Day Parades will follow national standard protocols as set out by The Department of Veterans Affairs and approved by members of the Anzac Day Committee (Council, RSL and ADF).