Pool safety legislation allows pool owners to decommission their swimming pool (including portable spa pools) instead of complying with the pool safety standards.
After decommissioning the pool, the owner of the land must notify Council, who will issue an acknowledgement letter. There is no fee for this.
You must then forward (or provide a copy of) the letter you receive from Council to the QBCC, who maintain the swimming pool safety register. The QBCC will then remove the swimming pool from the Pool Register.
This form is to be completed by the owner of the property. 
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Property address
Owner's details
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Declaration by owner
By submitting this form to Council, you confirm that you are the owner of the property and the swimming pool or spa has been decommmissioned at the property listed above.
By submitting this form to Council, you confirm that you are the owner of the property and there has not been swimming pool or spa at the property since you purchased it.
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