This form is used to apply for a letter of no objection (LONO) when a special event/intended works requires a temporary change to traffic conditions, including:
  • full or partial road closure
  • redirection of traffic
  • changes to posted speed limits
  • use of traffic controllers
  • full or partial closure of a footpath
  • redirection of pedestrians
  • blocking off car parks.
This application is for the assessment of the traffic impact only.
Special events/intended works
A special event/intended works is a planned activity that is wholly or partly conducted on a roadway or footpath, usually including large numbers of people. It will require a traffic management plan provided by a Transport and Main Road (TMR) registered traffic management company to ensure the event/activity is conducted safely. It may also require multiple agency approval from Council, Queensland Police Service (QPS) and TMR for the roads that will be impacted by the event/intended works. Council will advise which of these will be required during the application process.
Assessment information
As part of the assessment, Council examines the effect on the community, businesses and the environment. It is important to minimise the impact of the event/intended works on the operation of the road network and on local residents and businesses. Council may refuse an application if the temporary change of traffic conditions will cause major disruption to the road network, or local residents and businesses.
Allow at least 30 days for processing. Some activities may require additional information to be provided, e.g. drafts of the proposed communication methods:
  • public notice (e.g. newspaper advertisement)
  • letter to residents/businesses advising of the change of traffic conditions
  • corflute signs and/or variable message signs notifying the public of the road closures to be placed at specific locations.
Traffic management plan
All proposals for temporary changes of traffic conditions must be supported by a traffic management plan. Additionally, all road closures must be carried out in acccordance with the Manual of Uniform Trafffic Control Devices (MUTCD). To ensure this, your traffic management plan must be completed by a TMR registered traffic management company.
The traffic management plan must include traffic guidance schemes, detailing the traffic control devices to be implemented.
Is this a TMR registered traffic management company? *

*up to 10 files, maximum file size 100MB
Public liability insurance
Every organiser must provide a certificate of currency, in the name of the applicant, confirming public liability insurance to the value of $20 million. Council will advise you if you are required to list Council as an interested party on the Public Liability Insurance.

Department of Transport and Main Roads requirements
If the activity is to encroach onto a state controlled road (e.g. change of traffic conditions of state controlled road or the placement of signage on a state controlled road), then the applicant will be required to obtain a road corridor permit from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. 
Will your event require a road corridor permit? *

QPS Road closure permit
You must obtain a road closure permit from the Queensland Police Service a minimum of two weeks before the event. We also encourage you to make initial contact with QPS as early as possible during this process as there are conditions that must be met before the event can go ahead. QPS applications will require: 
  • certificate of currency of public liability insurance
  • traffic management plan
  • letter of no objection issued by Council (this request)
  • road corridor permit issued by TMR (if applicable).
To obtain a road closure permit application form, contact the local police station in the area of the event. A special event permit may also be required, depending on the specifics of the event. QPS will advise if this is needed.
Have you contacted the Queensland Police Service about obtaining a road closure permit and any other requirements? *
Other approvals
There may be additional approvals required for your event/intended activity. Examples include food licensing, liquor licensing, etc. If the event/intended activity is to occupy a community facility or parkland, you will be required to book the appropriate area with Council, and an event agreement must be obtained prior to commencement of the event/intended activity.
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Will a road work permit be required for any works associated with this request? *
Event/intended works information
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Will the event/activity/intended works have participants or spectators? *
Applicant details
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