This application is for standard driveways to houses in ‘greenfield’ urban developments, i.e. new residential estates, where the existing layback kerb and channel doesn’t need to be modified. 

If your application does not meet the requirements for a self-assessable application, you must apply using the standard road work permit application form.  

Please note that council’s prior approval is required under Subordinate Local Law 1.15 for carrying out any work within the road reserve. Work must not commence prior to receiving a road work permit.

Helpful information:

  • Self-assessable road work permit application process information sheet (for more information on making a self-assessable application using this form)
  • Driveways and other works in the road reserve information sheet (for general information on road work permits, including driveways).
Note: An asterix (*) indicates a question that must be answered.

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