This application is for a road work permit that allows work to be undertake on the road reserve (driveways, hoarding etcetera).

Council approval is required before carrying out any work within the road reserve, under Subordinate Local Law 1.15 (Carrying out works on a road or interfering with a road or its operation) and Subordinate Local Law 1.1 (Alteration or improvement to local government controlled areas and roads). Work must not commence prior to receiving the permit.

Refer to Council's information sheet for general information on driveways and other works in the road reserve.

Note: Some residential driveways are eligible for a self-assessment process. For more information refer to Council's information sheet on self-assessable driveways. 

Note: An asterix (*) indicates that a question must be answered.

What you will need to complete this form
In order to complete this form, you will need the following information:
  • Digital copies of the site plan, and any other documentation that may be required such as:
    • road corridor permit if required from the Department of Transport and Main Roads
    • traffic management plan
    • certificate of currency
    • other supporting documentation
    • photographs of existing kerb and channelling damage.
  • Your phone, email and postal details
  • Dates/times the permit will be required for, if relevant (for commercial works)
  • Property address
  • Property owner’s name
  • Account details if charging to your invoice account.