Community Displays
CityLibraries Townsville
CityLibraries Townsville is calling for applications from local community groups, including sporting clubs, hobby and craft groups, self-help and community organisations, non-profit organisations and for-profit organisations to showcase displays of community interest, and for members of the public to view community displays in our library spaces.

NOTE: completion of this form does not constitute a confirmed booking.

I/We hereby submit an community display proposal to CityLibraries Townsville, and in support of this application offer the following particulars:
Please indicate which library branch you would like to use: *
*Please note, should your application be accepted, and your preferred space is not available, you will be contacted to discuss an alternative space.
Preferred month/s for display:
Note: a maximum of three (3) months may be selected *

PRIVACY COLLECTION NOTICE Townsville City Council collects and manages personal information in the course of performing its activities, functions and duties. We respect the privacy of the personal information held by us. The way in which council manages personal information is governed by the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld). We are collecting your personal information in accordance with Local Government Act 2009 in order to select, exhibit and promote submitted display material for Community Group displays. Details will be retained for no purpose unrelated to displays. Generally, we will not disclose your personal information outside of Council unless we are required to do so by law, or unless you have given us your consent to such disclosure.  However, in performing the above functions, we will need to disclose your personal information to the independent judging panel and your name and display details could be displayed on promotional materials both physical and online.  For further information about how we manage your personal information please see our Information Privacy Policy.