Thank you for your interest in hiring the Community Information Centre's Meeting Room.  Please complete and submit the following booking form.


We have a number of spaces available.  Which of the following would best describe the space that you would need.
We have a number of spaces available.  Which of the following would best describe the space that you would need. *
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The hirer will:
> use the Meeting Room on the dates and times agreed
> only use the Meeting Room as described in your application and for no other use without prior written approval
> not cause a disturbance to other users of CIC's premises or occupiers of surrounding premises
> take good care of the Meeting Room and at all times maintain its cleanliness and presentability
> ensure your safety and the safety of your visitors, including making your visitors aware of and abide by any emergency procedures notified by you
> comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) in all activities in connection with the Meeting Room
> provide Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (minimum $10M), and cover for any additional risks, including contents insurance for public events within the Meeting Room
> on termination of this agreement you must vacate and leave the Meeting Room in no worse condition than it was in on the commencement date
> consult with the CIC before releasing any promotion and publicity, including social media posts (CIC would appreciate an acknowledgement regarding our support)
> if making sales, take full responsibility for the management of this area
> provide any available statistics to CIC regarding the number of participants in the Meeting Room by way of the Attendance Record provided
> pay the agreed fee within 7 days of receipt of invoice (if applicable)
CIC will:
> provide access during CIC's operating hours (9am-4pm, Monday to Friday) for the purpose of using and setting up the Meeting Room
> provide information on responding to emergency situations whilst in CIC's premises
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Hire of the Meeting Rooms is $150 per booking event.

A set number of bookings are included in certain CIC Membership tiers or with Meeting Room Packages. For the Meeting Room Package options, refer to this page. For CIC Membership options, refer to this page.

Please enquire for additional details.

If applicable, payment is due within 7 days after the booking has been confirmed by both parties or before the booking date, whichever comes first.

Cancellations must be lodged at least 24 hours prior to the booking time or it will be counted as having been used.

Refunds - for single use bookings, a non-refundable cancellation fee of 10% of the hire amount will be applied.  Refunds should be requested by email, including bank details for payment.

I/We have Tier 2 or 3 CIC Membership (no payment required unless allocation fully used) *
I/We have a Meeting Room Package (no payment required unless allocation fully used) *
We have supplied a current Certificate of Currency (as per Hire Agreement) *

Payment is by direct credit to CIC's bank account or cash payment to CIC office, within 7 days of receipt of invoice.  An invoice (if applicable) will be forwarded to your email address upon confirmation of your booking.
Account Name:  Community Information Centre Townsville Inc.
BSB:  654-000
Account Number:  6418 0241
Reference:  Please use Invoice number


Payment Amount: _____________________  Invoice/Receipt Number: _____________________________
Date Payment Received: ________________    
Co-ordinator/Information Officer Signature: ____________________________________________________
280 Flinders Street
Townsville  Qld  4810
Ph:  07 4727 9730