For referrals against the Queensland Development Code MP 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 (siting relaxation, and building over services).

This application form is required for building works when Council is a referral agency to a development application under Schedule 9 Part 3 Division 2 Table 1, Table 3 and/or Division 3 Table 7 of the Planning Regulation 2017. 

These applications are often called a ‘siting relaxation request’ or a ‘building over services request’. 

The fee for lodging a Referral Agency Response Application is currently prescribed under the Planning and Development Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Please note that proposed building works can also be affected by a zone or overlay under the Townsville City Plan, and may require a further development application to be lodged with Council for approval. If required, a development application can be lodged in combination with this referral agency response application.

Note: All questions marked with an asterix must be answered. 

Property details
Applicant details
Are you the property owner? *
Do you have the property owner's consent to lodge this application? *
Property owner's details
Building certifier details
Have you lodged this application with a building certifier already? *
Details of the proposed works
Which part of the Queensland Development Code (QDC) is applicable to the proposal?
Note – You may need to tick more than one box if a siting relaxation also includes building over services. *
What type of relaxation are you seeking? *