Public Libraries have changed. They are vibrant, community spaces that foster community connections and reduce isolation through the provision of resources, programs and services. Your feedback is important to ensuring there is something for everyone in our libraries.
Which library in Townsville do you (or would you) visit?
Have you visited a library in the past year?
If you do not currently visit the library, why not? (You can select more than one)
If you attended a program, event or activity at the library over the last year, please let us know which you have attended:
How would you like to find out about future library events?
Do you access any of the following current library outreach services?
Would you use a jointly operated branch that was located in a school, TAFE, university, shopping centre or community centre?
People use libraries for different purposes. How useful would the following purposes be for your typical visit to the library?
 Very usefulQuite usefulI'm indifferentNot very usefulNot useful at all
Recreational (borrow books, read the paper, attend a Library program or activity)
Access to free wifi
Public computers (e.g. access to computers or scanners)
Study or education (including exam supervision)
Social or meeting (making use of a meeting room, library space or cafe)
Jobseeker seeking assistance
Accompanying others
For business purposes such as the use of the meeting rooms, research or information
Use of a multimedia lounge that would allow individuals or groups to work on film or music projects.
A vending machine to borrow books, CDs, magazines or DVDs from.
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A little about you

What age bracket do you fall in?
Which of the following describes you best?
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