Townsville City Council (Council) has established a number of base-line flood models for various catchments and floodplain areas throughout the Townsville local government area. The base-line flood models are available to external parties for use on a project by project basis. This flood model request outlines the terms and conditions through which base-line flood models are made available to external parties.

Flood model details

The base-line flood models representing areas across the Townsville local government area are identified as the “Flood Study Areas” within the online TownsvilleMAPS flood mapping service found on the TCC website:

Technical reports for the flood studies will be available to view in the "Flood Study Areas" layer in TownsvilleMAPS or on the public website in the near future. If you wish to obtain a report in the meantime, please contact Council.

The technical reports will contain details of the specific models, their setup and the software used for each study area. Generally, the following software has been used:

  • catchment hydrology – XP-RAFTS or Direct Rainfall (MIKE FLOOD);
  • floodplain hydraulics – MIKE FLOOD; and
  • flood mapping – ArcGIS.

Supply of flood models

Council’s Chief Executive Officer (or delegate) has discretion as to whether council will supply the flood models to the external party for the requested purpose.

Supply of the requested flood models will be contingent on payment of the costs outlined in the “Agreement Schedule”. In supplying the flood model data, Council will provide the following:

  • all set-up and run files associated with the base-line catchment hydrologic model;
  • all set-up, run and results files associated with the base-line floodplain hydraulics model;
  • a brief description of the model naming convention.
You will be required to provide (at your own cost) an appropriate external storage device including return postage (i.e. prepaid postal satchel) for the requested flood model. The external storage device must have a minimum of 500 Gb of storage space to ensure the requested flood model can be transferred. You must provide additional data storage if requested by Council (for example, if multiple flood models are requested or the storage device is faulty).
I will supply a storage device as described above.  *
User obligations
I understand that I am obliged to: *
make my own assessment of the suitability of the supplied flood model(s) for the intended purpose;
update the base-line model required to make the model suitable for the intended purpose;
undertake the work in accordance with industry standards and guidelines, including but not limited to Australian Rainfall and Runoff,Queensland Urban Drainage Manual, and the Townsville City Plan and associated policies.
undertake the work using the same software as per the original base-line flood model;
have the work undertaken under the direct supervision of and signed-off by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) with suitable experience in hydrological and hydraulic assessments;
ensure the supplied flood model(s) is only used for the project and purpose listed in the “Agreement Schedule”;
return the flood model in accordance with the “Return of Flood Models” procedure listed below.
Agreement terms *