This form is for requesting either boundary condition information, or access to a copy of the water and/or sewer network model(s).
A fee is payable for these services. For current fees, please refer to Council's fees and charges, (Planning Services, Schedule 18 - Flood, water, and sewer modelling services).
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Note: access to Council’s network models requires the applicant to:

  • be qualified in accordance with SC6.4.3.23 Water and sewer network modelling guidelines (Development manual), and
  • be an approved network model user with Council.

If you are not currently an approved user, contact Council on 13 48 10 for more information about becoming an approved network model user. This process takes approximately 3 months. If you require information about water and/or sewer offtake information (boundary conditions), please select the boundary condition option above.

Provision of Water Supply and/ or Sewerage Model – External Party Use – Procedures & Agreement Terms.

The Agreement Contract has the Agreement terms at the rear of the document and is signed by both parties accepting the terms before we release the model data files.

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Townsville City Council collects and manages personal information in the course of performing its activities, functions and duties. We respect the privacy of the personal information held by us. The way in which Council manages personal information is governed by the Information Privacy Act 2009. We are collecting your personal information in accordance with Local Government Act 2009. The information will be used to process this request for a water/sewer network information. Generally, we will not disclose your personal information outside of Council unless we are required to do so by law, or unless you give your consent to this disclosure. For further information about how we manage your personal information please see our Information Privacy Policy.

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