Direct Debit Application
PLEASE NOTE: A direct debit arrangement does not constitute a payment plan. If you have outstanding rates and charges, and would like to arrange a payment plan, please complete the Payment Plan online application form or contact our Customer Service Team on 13 48 10.

SECTION 1 - Customer's Authority

Authorise and request TOWNSVILLE CITY COUNCIL (APCA User ID Number 207492) to arrange funds to be debited from my/our account at the financial institution identified below through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS). The authority is to remain in force within the terms outlined in Section 2.

SECTION 2 - Details of Account to be Debited

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Note: Changes to account details or frequency require a new direct debit, please choose to cancel and create a new direct debit
Frequency of payment

SECTION 3 - Payment Details

SECTION 4 - Agreement

I/We acknowledge that this Direct Debit arrangement is governed by the terms of Authorisation the DDRSA attached to this request; and

I/We authorise Townsville City Council (Debit User) to verify (if need be) the details of the account with my/our Financial Institution mentioned above.
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Privacy Collection Notice:
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