Townsville City Council is looking for ideas on what to name three new streets in the new stadium precinct! Get your word on the street and become part of Townsville's history today. 
Your suggestions will be viewed by a panel of judges, who will select the names and make them public on Friday 25 October. 
Suggested names will be subject to street naming conventions, such as: 
  • A street cannot be named after a person who is still alive
  • The name must not be crude
  • The name must not be an existing street name. 
Only street name suggestions will be considered, not street types (e.g. street, road, crescent). 
Names of deceased people who demonstrated an outstanding committment to the community will be considered when an explanation is provided. 
Winners will be contacted via phone or email once the names have been selected. 

Privacy Statement

Townsville City Council collects and manages personal information in the course of performing its activities, functions and duties. We respect the privacy of the personal information held by us. The way in which council manages personal information is governed by the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld). We are collecting your personal information in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 so that we can inform you that your name suggestion has been selected. Generally, we will not disclose your personal information outside of Council unless we are required to do so by law, or unless you have given us your consent to such disclosure. For further information about how we manage your personal information please see our Information Privacy Policy.